10 special products for running from the French magazine

10 особых продуктов для бегунов Nutrition
Французский журнал Runners выделяет десять продуктов питания для бегунов, способных поддержать здоровье и улучшить результат.

French magazine Runners highlights ten five-star foods for runners that can support health and improve performance (besides pasta, of course).

1. Цельнозерновой хлеб

Bread is a very good fuel because it consists of complex carbohydrates. In addition to the direct replenishment of glycogen, bread can be the basis for about half a million varieties of sandwiches, which can be stuffed with all the healthiest and tastiest things.

2. Брокколи

Broccoli is not an energy-rich food, because 90% of it consists of water. But broccoli has many important micronutrients and also has a preventive effect against cancer (especially rectal cancer). In addition, broccoli has the property of neutralizing toxic compounds in the body.

3. eggs.

A unique product packed with health benefits. One egg satisfies 10% of the daily protein requirement (for the average person) and supplies bones with vitamin K, which is essential for their health.

4. Киноа

A South American grain crop, the “food of the ancient Incas. For the indigenous peoples of the Andes it is as basic as rice for Asians and wheat for Europeans. However, unlike pasta, quinoa has a significant amount of protein. Quinoa can be a great addition to pasta, but not a substitute.

5. Chicken meat

Animal protein is animal protein. And it’s hard to find alternatives to these amino acid chains. Especially when it comes to chicken breasts, which, among other things, supply the body with vitamin B, which regulates fat burning.

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6. Сладкий картофель или батат

This is not the usual potato at all, but a completely different annual plant. It is a good antioxidant, contains important vitamins B, C, PP, A, calcium, phosphorus, niacin, iron, thiamine, riboflavin. Unlike potatoes, yams have a low glycemic index. But because of the content of hormones such as progesterone, it is more suitable for women during the menopausal period to normalize the background.

7. Бананы

It would be strange if a banana were not on this list, because we know that it can easily beat any sports nutrition.

8. Лосось

An extremely valuable product and one of the favorite dishes of all French people, not to mention runners who know its benefits. As you know, first of all, salmon and similar types of fish are distinguished by the presence of a good amount of essential fatty acids Omega-3.

9 Красные ягоды

Raspberries, strawberries, strawberries, cherries, and others. Red berries are so emphasized because of their high levels of vitamins A and C, which are often more abundant than lemons. But we wouldn’t emphasize the particular usefulness of any individual berries, as they can all be invaluable to the body. Especially for the body of the runner. It would take a whole page to list all the health benefits of berries.

10. Морковь

Carrots have a whole bunch of vitamins and minerals. But, of course, they are completely useless from an energy point of view. The good news for weight watchers is that carrots suppress appetite. Perhaps.

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