Is it hard to run in the beginning? It’s okay.

Сложно бежать вначале? Training
Бегуны-любители иногда испытывают трудности в начале бега, на первом-втором километре тренировки.

Running is the easiest and most common sport. Almost everyone, at least once in their life, has thought about starting to run. And many have even tried. But, largely because of its simplicity, the sport is just as easily and quickly abandoned. So how do you make running a part of your everyday life? To do this, you need to develop a plan and build motivation.

Определение цели

The right motivation is half the battle. Everyone must determine for himself or herself what pushes him or her to the track in the first place. The goal can be one or several. Whenever you feel lazy, difficult or just want to quit, you need to list to yourself all the things you wanted to do this sport for.

Примеры мотиваций:

  • Желание сбросить вес;
  • Повышение настроения (при беге вырабатывается гормон серотонина);
  • Улучшить работу сердца;
  • Общее укрепление организма;
  • Повышение трудоспособности.

Once you have decided what to achieve, you need to decide how to achieve it. It is not necessary to set grand plans for yourself right away. Although this can also be a motivation, for example, to participate in the race in six months or a year. But there should also be goals that are closer, more tangible and easier to achieve.


There are a lot of workout plans on the Internet. Most of them overlap in combining running and walking. To start with, you have to start walking. Walk in parks or walk from work – anywhere, as long as you accustom your body to constant, even exercise.

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Running should also be started by interspersing it with walking intervals. Gradually, the walking intervals should be reduced in time and eliminated altogether.

Before training, you should always do a warm-up. This will warm up your muscles, avoid injuries, and prepare your breathing.

During the movement you need to watch the position of the body. Look forward in front of you, shoulders should not be pressed against the neck. Arms bent at the elbows, moving like a pendulum with a uniform amplitude. Step should be kept medium length, land on the foot, as if rolling over the foot and push off the toe. Or as you like.

The load should be increased gradually, not jerkily. The prescription of the plan should be entrusted to a specialist, who knows not only the abstract concepts of how much to run in what time, but can also assess the physical condition of a particular person. One body can tolerate and build up exertion faster. Others need longer periods of adjustment.

Одежда для бега

When choosing an outfit for running, it is worth remembering the simple rules. Clothing should be made of natural materials, do not constrain movement. You should not wear too warm clothes even in cold weather, it is better to use multiple layers.

Кроссовки для бега и для повседневной носки – разные вещи. Прогулочная обувь больше следует модным тенденциям, чем анатомически правильной постановке стопы. Обувь для бега должна быть легкой, свободно сидеть на ноге. Преимущество следует отдавать моделям с сетчатым верхом и вынимающимися стельками.

It is not so important where and when to run – in the morning or in the evening, at the stadium, in the park or on a treadmill. To accustom yourself to even small but regular jogging is already a big step toward prolonging your youth and improving your health.

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Amateur runners sometimes (and beginners always) experience difficulties at the beginning of a run, at the first or second kilometer of training, after which, oddly enough, it becomes easy to move and, if the pace is slow, you get the feeling that you can run on forever.

At the moment of start, the body does not very well determine the need for oxygen and does not quite understand what you want from it. Therefore, to meet the sudden demand, your breathing and heart rate increase sharply, and as a result, the body quickly goes into an anaerobic state.

По мере движения, если темп бега остается прежним (или в рамках вашего оптимального), а не возрастает до критических лактатных порогов, то система успокаивается и стабилизируется в устойчивом аэробном состоянии.

The best prevention options are to warm up well and to start at a low tempo, which itself is the basis of safe training and prevention of both injury and excessive (harsh) strain on the cardiovascular system.

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