Missed the pleasure of training?

Как снова полюбить бег? Training
Подобное случается нечасто, но существует вероятность, что когда-то вы поймаете себя на мысли о том, что бег больше не приносит вам удовольствия.

Even though this doesn’t happen very often for experienced amateur runners, there is still the possibility that one day you may find yourself thinking that you no longer enjoy running. It happens in cycling, too.

In the case of absolute beginners, everything is prosaic, and their craving for running does not disappear, but on the contrary, it does not have time to form. That is, they most often do not even reach the level when running begins to bring only pleasure.

With advanced amateurs it is a little more difficult, but they can be immediately reassured by the fact that this phenomenon is not permanent and almost always passes after some time. Most often, apathy to training is replaced by a new, stronger wave of enthusiasm for their sport. So it is quite normal and there is nothing to worry about.

Regardless of your training history, you can catch the general trends and causes of these conditions, from which you can create a checklist for eliminating them.

First of all, you need to understand if you are overtraining. If this is the case, it is better to detect its symptoms at an early stage and take measures to avoid a long recovery.

On the other hand, overexertion and an overly dense training schedule can cause apathy in one way or another. Even if overtraining is not yet an issue.

You have to sleep a lot.

Слово “достаточно” не у всех вызывает правильное понимание необходимого количества сна, поэтому лучше употреблять слово “много”. Абсолютное большинство современных людей спит и отдыхает критически мало.

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Often it is explained by a lack of time, work, or some other nonsense. If you look into it, most of the reasons are far-fetched, and the rest are ridiculous. But for some reason they seem extremely important. Therefore, the constant being in illusions creates imaginary conditions, in which a person lives in order to work 24 hours a day, from which he earns diseases and continues to work in order to cure these diseases.

To all this are added children, zombie TV, the environment and vain attempts to relieve stress with alcohol, which is simply not capable of it and turns on the reverse mechanism, exacerbating the situation with sleep disorders and nervous system.

Running is a great way to combat stress and fatigue caused by routine. But its possibilities are not endless, and the main mechanism of recovery and recovery of the organism is still sleep. And it is desirable that it is a deep sleep without disturbances and external irritants.


Running, like cycling, is first and foremost a journey, and then everything else. Often everyone forgets this. Of course, there are favorite routes, but they can quickly cease to be so if you see nothing but them.

Cyclic sports are attractive because you can enjoy the world through them. Discover new forest trails, explore other parts of town, or, conversely, try to train in a stadium without the distractions of pedestrians and traffic lights. In addition, frequent route changes indirectly help prevent injury and promote progression.

Forget schedules and training plans

Your current running training plan may be very effective and popular, but now it may not suit you at all. If you don’t even want to deviate from the training plan, you can at least do two or three free style runs, as you have to, with no reference to anything.

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In any case, even if you have to throw out a training chart to feel better, that’s exactly what you should do. After all, it’s much more interesting not to have a schedule and run than to have one and be discouraged.

Leave the watch at home

This advice echoes the previous one. Running free of continuous monitoring of heart rate, pace, and other telemetry can be healing. For many modern marathon runners, going for a run without their GPS watch is as unfamiliar and unusual as running naked.

No more running around on your own

For some, this may seem like an insurmountable problem due to the lack of friends similarly passionate about running. However, there is nothing easier than finding a companion in Strava. Plenty of singles will be happy to run with you.

You can make it even easier and join weekend races, which are held in all corners of cities and regions, and find friends there. In this case, you should look for clubs by region and look at their training schedules.

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