The top 5 best roller skates

5 лучших роликовых коньков Gear

Кто-то может сказать: мол, роликовые коньки – это развлечение для подростков. Но нет. Ученые давно доказали пользу катания на коньках как для здоровья, так и для самооценки. На рынке представлены десятки роликовых моделей, но как выбрать ту, которая подходит именно вам? Читайте наш рейтинг – в нем собраны только лучшие роликовые коньки, предназначенные для самых разных целей.

The category Venue The name is Evaluated by Цена
The best roller skates for fitness 1. MaxCity Expert Male 2014 9,8 / 10. 3 362 .
2. Derby Ventura 950 Female Roller 2012 9,8 / 10. 7410 .
Лучшие роликовые коньки для слалома 1. Disadvantages: 9.9 / 10. 7401 .
Best roller skates for kids 1. Larsen Black 9,7 / 10. 1749 .
The best inline skates for aggressive riding 1. Roller RB 80 M 2015 9,7 / 10. 1749 .

Best roller skates for fitness

MaxCity Expert Male 2014 3,362 This is a men’s model for those who care about their health and already have some driving experience. Ideal for walks in the park or around town. Anatomical insole has antibacterial lining made of breathable material. Heel strap and fixation buckle allow quick and reliable fixation of foot in the shoe. High-precision ABEC 7 bearings provide peace of mind while riding. Quality, decent design, reliability – all this is MaxCity Expert Male 2014. The main advantages: comfortable shoe-aluminum frame high-quality bearingsanatomic insole Disadvantages: rather fast wear of the wheels Flaws:
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Роллер-дерби Вентуры 950 женщин 2012

9,8 / 10 Rating

  • Soft and comfortable boot
  • Anatomically shaped boot and insole
  • Solid wheels
  • Aluminum frame

7410 Women’s roller skates that combine comfort, elegant design and high quality workmanship. The shoe is specially designed for the female foot and has a good ventilation system. Wheels of specially treated polyurethane are abrasion-resistant and silent. Rollers frame is sturdy, made of aluminum. Skates are suitable for both beginners and experts, ideal for walks around town. Main advantages:

  • High price

The best roller skates for slalom

Rollerblade Twister 80 2014

9.8 / 10 Rating

  • Intelligent planning;
  • A shortened frame with incredible maneuverability
  • A comfortable boot;
  • Wheels of greater rigidity

7401 A hard anvil, a special shape of the upper cage, high-stiffness wheels – what else do you need for slalom skates? The special lacing allows you to clearly fix the foot in the toe area (actually, for roller skates it’s a big rarity). Inside the shoe there is an anti-shock system that protects against excessive shock load. Aluminum frame shortened to 24.3 cm makes skates incredibly maneuverable and allows you to perform almost any trick. Beginning skaters will appreciate the included proprietary brake. The price is high, but the skates are worth it. Main advantages:

  • Rather high price

Best kids roller skates

Larsen nero

9.9 / 10 Rating

  • Secure fixation of the foot
  • Low price
  • Wide frame
  • Great design

1749 Larsen Black roller skates have a bright design that will surely appeal to your child. The plastic frame and medium-hard boots provide a secure fit. PVC wheels with ABEC 5 bearings are of course not technically perfect, but they perform their function perfectly. The rollers are adjustable, so they can be used for a long time. Main advantages:

  • Maximum weight of the rider – 55 kilograms
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The best roller skates for aggressive riding

RB 80 M Rollerblade 2015

9.7 / 10 Rating.

  • Shortened chassis with more maneuverability
  • Quality bearings
  • The most secure fixation of the foot
  • Several openings in the trunk for ventilation

1749 Impressive looking roller skates have an extra secure foot rest. The trunk has several ventilation holes. The heel area is equipped with impact protection. Short aluminum frame allows maneuvering on the road. Quality Rollerblade SG7 bearings back up this commitment. These skates would also have more serious wheels, but the specifications are such that you will have to settle for a standard base. However, masters of aggressive riding this is not a hindrance. Main advantages:

  • Disadvantages:
9.7 / 10 Rating
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