Why running and biking are the perfect combination

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I have repeatedly heard that running does not go well with cycling.

It has been repeatedly heard that running is a bad combination with cycling. The accompanying arguments do not stand up to criticism. And yet, some runners start to shun cycling because of this, fearing that cycling will undermine their running performance.

A closer look reveals that such opinions are expressed by people who are very far from physiology. They jealously guard their only sport: running. In some cases, a degree of dislike for bicycles and cyclists is involved, for some personal psychological (or physical) reason.

Fortunately, all these conversations and publications are untrue and should not be taken into account in any way. This applies to all recreational runners of any level.

Biking and running are totally compatible sports

Moreover, cycling improves the performance of runners. However, this is nothing more than a “side effect” of the beneficial effects of pedaling on the musculoskeletal system and accelerating the recovery process.

Naturally, cycling increases the maximum amount of oxygen consumed by the muscles (MPC or VO2Max), developing endurance. It also strengthens the network of small blood vessels and helps the body make better use of its fat reserves. All these undoubtedly enormous benefits of cycling are well known.

But for runners, cycling is an even more valuable gift because of its ability to relieve muscle, ligament and tendon tension. Especially if you don’t exceed average amateur loads. There is also a beneficial effect on knee and ankle joints, increasing blood and oxygen circulation in them.

After all, in the event of a possible injury, the bike will help you get a full workout in, avoiding shock loads, such as when it comes to a splint.

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Nevertheless, it is worth remembering that the therapeutic effect, recovery and prevention of musculoskeletal disorders can be compromised. Especially if you exceed the limit of reasonable loads and break big gears at a low cadence without prior preparation, warm-up and warm-up.

The load and muscle work of pedaling is very different from that of running, but to consider this a negative factor is contrary to common sense. On the contrary, the bicycle is used by top athletes both in recovery periods and in general preparatory sessions.

An important (and possibly key) element here is also the powerful production of endorphins.

Don’t ever listen to the opponents of pedaling who fanatically defend running and bravely integrate cycling training into your training plan. It will noticeably diversify your training, reduce the likelihood of injury, and significantly improve your mood and marathon results.

And for triathletes, hearing about the incompatibility of cycling and running is laughable.

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