Chicory for the athlete: the benefits of an old drink

Польза цикория для здоровья спортсмена Nutrition
Цикорий пили на Руси еще в стародавние времена, уже тогда его польза и свойства были хорошо известны и высоко ценились.

Chicory has been drunk in Russia since ancient times, and its benefits have been well known since man learned to boil water over a fire. The drink was traditional and its properties were valued much more than they are nowadays.

In Soviet times, chicory was quite popular because of the lack of coffee and competed with the more expensive cocoa. Children also liked to drink chicory+milk cocktails and it was great and delicious.

With the sudden emergence of coffee drinks for every taste and purse in the country, the use of chicory has fallen to a minimum. And since all adults were instantly hooked on coffee (yes, this is a weak psychoactive drug) and began to forget about the healing properties of the former drink, only a few modern children have not only tasted chicory, but even heard about it. Which, of course, is unfortunate.

Chicory, or rather a drink made from its root, is a very healthy product for athletes of all kinds, from triathletes to chess players. No cocoa or coffee can compare to it because it is not even close to being healing. Except, perhaps, a good real tea. But this is more of a preventive drink and is valued because of its relative safety as an invigorator, and taste, of course. And the benefits of coffee are mostly false and based on speculation of scientific data.

В состав цикория входит целый комплекс полезных веществ: витамин С, витамины группы B, макро- и микроэлементы, пектин, каротин и другие.

But the main thing is the unique properties of polysaccharide inulin, which affects the most important processes of the body. In fact, chicory is drunk mainly for the sake of this substance. It lowers blood sugar levels (insulin resistance) and improves metabolism. Based on this fact, chicory should be in the diet of those runners who are struggling with excess weight.

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Инулин активно понижает уровень холестерина и триглицеридов, препятствуя старению сердечно-сосудистой системы. Их количество считается важнейшим показателем степени развития сахарного диабета, атеросклероза и метаболического синдрома.

But this is not the end of the effect of inulin. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that, affecting the functions of the body, it is digested not in the stomach, but in the intestines, indirectly normalizing its microflora, because it feeds on the useful and probably all known from advertising, bifidobacteria.

As it passes through the digestive system, inulin also acts as a sponge. It removes heavy metals and some of the toxic substances that can enter our body with food.

Причем данные из двух исследовательских центров: Institut de recherche en nutrition во Франции и из Institute of Health Science в Англии, свидетельствуют о том, что, выводя вредные вещества из организма, инулин не затрагивает полезные микроэлементы и витамины. Более того, при наличии инулина в пищеварительной системе, кальций усваивается даже лучше.

It should be noted that studies on the beneficial properties of the miracle drink continue. For example, the American Cancer Institute recently discovered a direct correlation between the activity of chicory components and a decrease in the risk of cancer. At least, bowel cancer.

Небольшие недостатки

Despite all its benefits, chicory is still considered a diuretic and runners should keep this in mind. In addition, the high concentration of inulin in the digestive system can lead to bloating and increased gas.


Yes, despite the natural origin of the miracle drink, chicory can be harmful to some people. However, this is true only for serious diseases of the cardiovascular system (including varicose veins) and the gastrointestinal tract, as well as for individual intolerance, i.e. allergy.

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Which chicory is better to buy

It is believed that the best option is a liquid concentrate, which is created by evaporating substances from the roots of the plant. But it is almost not on sale because the more convenient and familiar to the consumer powder form is much more convenient and popular.

But, as usual, everything is not so simple here, because according to the expertise, one can easily buy full of junk under the guise of a healing drink, almost without inulin, the percentage of which is extremely low. If you believe Roskontrol, you should look for Zdorovye chicory in stores.

На iHerb можно купить качественный растворимый цикорий Pero Instant Natural Beverage за 6 долларов.

органический цикорий для спортсмена

Even healthier would be real roasted chicory root pieces from Frontier Natural Products for $11.

натуральный цикорий для бега

How to Drink.

Chicory is best drunk simply with milk, like coffee. Inulin, being a polysaccharide, is a natural sweetener, but for many sweeteners this is not enough, so they add sugar.

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