Банан или спортпит для бега

Банан vs спортпит Nutrition
Эффективность и польза бананов для бегунов и велосипедистов в сравнении со спортивными напитками.

No athlete doubts the effectiveness of bananas before, during and even after workouts. The amount of essential elements, convenient natural packaging, and ease of digestion allow banana to easily compete with carbohydrate-isotonic sports drinks, bars, gels, and other sports drinks designed to quickly compensate for energy and mineral-electrolyte expenditures.

The research journal PLoS ONE published a paper comparing sports drinks such as Gatorade to banana. The experiments were conducted on cyclists as part of a simulated 75-kilometer road race, some of whom replenished their energy reserves with bananas and others with carbohydrate drinks, respectively.

The duration of such a cycling race, depending on the gradients, is on average 2.5 to 3 hours. During this time, the athletes consumed either a dose of the drink ~200 ml or half a banana every 15 minutes.

Результаты показали не только отсутствие разницы в производительности между “банановой” и “питьевой” группами, но и некоторые выгоды у потребителей желтых плодов, среди которых – более здоровое сочетание сахаров, калий и витамин B6. Помимо качественных питательных веществ, бананы поставляют в организм антиоксиданты и устойчивый крахмал.

The composition of bananas makes you feel better in the long run, whereas sports drinks (which are essentially sugar water) can raise blood glucose levels very quickly and thus cause a subsequent mild malaise due to an equally rapid drop. It will probably be barely noticeable under normal conditions, but it can affect athletic performance. Especially in the presence of caffeine.

Данное исследование оперирует лишь фактами, полученными на основе сравнения бананов с популярными напитками. Но не затрагивает другие формы спортивного питания, такие как энергетические бары и гели.

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For most runners and cyclists, bananas have always been beyond competition when it comes to the naturalness of sports nutrition. They only lost out in compactness, which often plays a decisive role. However, the price ratio allows us to talk about the complete inexpediency of buying expensive sweet water with flavorings. Only if it is not provided free of charge by a sponsor.

Более того, при индивидуальной непереносимости бананов, на приготовление спортивного углеводного напитка самому потребуется минимум времени, а в его качестве вы будете полностью уверены.

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