Как бег снимает стресс, депрессию и добавляет счастья

Как бег снимает стресс, лечит депрессию и добавляет счастья Health
В общем-то для бегунов не является открытием тот факт, что тренировка - это лучший способ борьбы со стрессом.

In general, it’s no revelation to runners that running is the best way to cope with stress, which can be compared, perhaps, with sailing. It’s true that running is more loyal to your wallet.

But for less athletic people who are in the process of deciding to start running, the ability of cycling sports to heal not only physically, but also psychologically, should be taken into serious consideration. Especially for people who live in big, bustling cities and work eight hours in an office.

The British surveyed 13,000 recreational runners and 74% of those surveyed directly linked improved mental wellbeing to running training.

An additional survey found that 89% of runners became happier and more satisfied with life. Especially after they stopped being singles and started running in a group with other amateurs.

Let’s omit the fact that the company that conducted this survey (RunTogether) is in the business of organizing group jogging. After all, moderate social interaction with like-minded people does have a positive effect on the psyche. Especially if the hobby is healthy, of course.

From a scientific point of view there is nothing special here, because any regular exercise releases endorphins. And most modern experts in mild to moderate depression recommend not antidepressants or talk therapy at all, but cyclic sports – running, biking, swimming. Better yet, all of them together. So welcome to the triathlon.

Juliette McGrattan, author of the book on women’s health and sports, adds that during depressive disorders the level of motivation to do anything is extremely low. At the same time, starting a running workout can create a strong impulse that makes a person move on and instantly find completely different, joyful aspects of life, instantly erasing traces of any depression.

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A special emphasis at such times is recommended, again, on group runs. And, of course, in this case, studying the training of other runners in the same Strava, will only be beneficial, increasing motivation. However, I would like to remind you that comparing your own and other people’s results can often lead to other problems.

Another interesting pattern: those who started their first training in a group are 62% likely to become regular runners, compared to 51% among solo beginners.

Researchers believe that any physical activity that can express progress and results digitally is an important component in combating boredom, discouragement and depression. In doing so, self-confidence increases and all perceived everyday obstacles and life’s troubles become less important.

So running helps not only your physical health, but also your mental attitude to overcome life’s difficulties. Run to your health!

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