The immune system of the runner

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Очевидно, что любительские беговые тренировки оказывают положительное влияние на иммунную систему. Но не всегда.

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Observations of competitive runners point to rhythmic spikes in infectious diseases closely related to marathon training periods, when peak loads are more frequent, especially if stress and lack of sleep are added.

But that is not all. The recovery period after an event is no less dangerous, and its duration can be counted in both days and weeks. During this time, athletes get sick twice as often as those who did not participate in the race.

The “open window” theory may also play a role here, according to which the body’s immune system is in a weakened state from 3 to 72 hours after high-intensity and prolonged physical exertion.

What to do

Definitely, reducing training is not an option under consideration for performance runners. Therefore, the only thing that can be suggested to athletes today is to remove stressful situations from their lives and increase the amount of sleep. A move out of town, closer to clean air and away from noise, is desirable.

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As for the additional intake of nutritional supplements, that is, vitamin and mineral complexes, it is desirable to act selectively and replenish only those elements whose deficiency actually occurs. And without the involvement of professionals of medicine is difficult to do here. Otherwise there may be a strong overabundance of any group of vitamins, which can be harmful.

As for the “unnaturalness” of artificial vitamins, the fears are in vain, since synthesis makes it possible to create all the necessary structures in which even the very notion of artificiality is incorrect. Much more rigor should be applied to drinking water.

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