8 советов худеющим

8 советов худеющим бегунам Health
Важные советы для желающих сбросить лишний вес при помощи бега.

1. No need to weigh yourself every hour

Go to the scale once a week on an empty stomach in the morning after you have gone for a pee. Only this approach will allow you to objectively assess the process of losing weight. Otherwise, constantly weighing yourself only wastes time on useless nonsense, and on the dial of the scale you observe daily fluctuations in body weight.

2. Заведите журнал похудения

This is an effective method that dramatically increases the likelihood of getting a slim figure. The journal improves personal discipline and clearly shows your positive result (or the reason for its absence). Not only weighing results, but also food intake reports are recorded in the journal. Studies have shown that it really works.

3. Планируйте свое меню заранее

Ideally, have a menu for the week ahead and do not deviate from it. This will not only help you avoid unplanned snacks, but also save your budget.

4. Eat fruits and vegetables

This is standard advice, but not everyone knows what it has to do with. First of all, thinners often have vitamin imbalances, and secondly, fiber promotes rapid satiety. Vegetables and fruits do an excellent job with these tasks.

5. Eat from small utensils

This is a working recommendation, but not in terms of psychology, but in terms of the fact that you can’t put a huge portion into a small plate.

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6. Периодически бегайте на голодный желудок

No, it is not an effective way to fight fat, as is often said, but it stimulates the metabolism and increases insulin sensitivity. Running on an empty stomach can indeed be beneficial, but it should not be a daily activity for long periods of time.

7. Don’t forget about proteins

Often the focus on small portions of complex carbohydrates also reduces the necessary protein intake. But muscles need to recover after a run, and without amino acids this is impossible.

8. Are you really hungry?

The vast majority of modern people consume food semi-automatically, without listening to their bodies at all. The illusion of hunger is often created by the habit of eating multiple meals and snacking throughout the day.

Certainly, advanced runners need huge stores of energy and are willing to eat anything, anytime. But they don’t need to lose weight, and they’ll burn it off at their next workout. In athletes, hunger is less illusory and is directly related to caloric expenditure. But for weight loss beginners, it’s important to understand and differentiate your body’s true needs.

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