How many calories are burned by running?

Сколько калорий сжигается при беге Nutrition
Количество сожженных за час бега калорий зависит от многих факторов. Однако вполне можно привести средние цифры.

The number of calories burned in an hour of running depends on many factors. However, it is quite possible to give average figures that people who choose running as a means to lose weight can be guided by.

Lose weight by running – more than real, but, as you know, the number of calories burned will vary greatly from one person to another.

For obese people without any running skills, the number of calories burned can be as high as 850 kcal per hour at a gentle pace. Whereas thinner runners will have to run faster and farther to achieve this figure. This makes sense, because the heavier your weight, the more energy you will expend to move it around.

Calorie burning rates

There is also a significant difference in running technique. And although many may not have run until high school, they may well have a natural predisposition to the sport, which includes neutral pronation and proper foot placement, etc. Basically, everything that disposes them to economical marathon running. There is no doubt that less effort and therefore fewer calories will be expended in this variant as well.

In general, the average number of calories burned in an hour of easy running can be taken as 550 kcal at an average body weight of 70 kg. Or about 8 kcal per 1 kg of weight. During this time, you will run about 8 km at an average pace of 6-8 min / km and an average speed of about 8-10 km / h. A woman’s body burns calories a little less readily than a man’s.

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Number of calories per km

The question about counting calories by distance, not by time, is often asked incorrectly. However, advanced runners will answer it immediately if you provide them with additional data, such as running pace or heart rate zone. From the calculations above, we can conclude that a person with average physical data will spend to overcome 1 km running 65-75 kcal at the same average pace of 6-8 min/km, that is, in the light jogging mode.

How many calories are burned by running?

As soon as a thick layer of snow falls, rugged terrain appears, or a strong headwind blows, then to maintain similar performance, you have to expend a much higher number of calories and it can easily approach 1000 kcal per hour.

Here it is worth remembering that long runs at high speeds require good and prolonged training. It makes no sense to calculate the number of calories spent in 15 minutes of exercise.

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