5 tips for people who run in the morning

5 советов тем, кто бегает по утрам Training
Training in the morning is healthy and productive, if you take into account the important rules about food, water, sleep, warm-up and alcohol.

Here are the top 5 tips for those who run in the morning. These tips are the result of an analysis of my workouts in the morning.

1. You should have time to drink some water

Regardless of the weather, fluid plays an important role in the thermoregulatory system and its amount directly affects the outcome. Hydration helps the body wake up more quickly and safely to activity by increasing blood flow and accelerating the delivery of nutrients to all corners of the body through the capillary network.

In addition, the permanent lack of hydration combined with high morning exertion may contribute to the development of urolithiasis. But it is desirable to drink good, soft water or drinks based on it, not tap water. Especially if it has a high salt content.

2. Don’t run on an empty stomach

Although it can sometimes be beneficial, in most cases it is better to eat a snack. Especially if time allows you to digest what you’ve eaten. Although, after throwing in half a banana, you can practically not wait, and go put on sneakers and start warming up.

A popular morning pre-workout snack among athletes is toast or croissants with peanut butter and a small cup of coffee. A full breakfast follows as soon as you shower at the end of your workout. Even if you think running on an empty stomach will help you lose weight, you’re wrong.

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3. You have to warm up longer

Warming up in the morning is complicated by the body’s sleepy state, so it takes more time to activate subsystems and saturate muscles and joints with blood and oxygen.

4. the workout in the morning should not be hard

For all the same reasons, heavy morning jogging training may not be as helpful as it is harmful. This is especially true for those whose age is already far from draft age and whose health is not ideal. There should be no fartleks and intervals; these types of workouts are performed only in the afternoon.

In spite of the misconceptions of most amateurs, the body’s energy reserve in the morning is quite large, because there are enough carbohydrates in reserve. However, the degree of hydration is extremely low and it takes time to replenish water reserves, which is usually not available. Therefore, high activity will lead directly to dehydration.

5. Morning workout is possible only if you have a full night’s sleep and refuse to drink alcohol in the evening

If these conditions are not met, it is better to refrain from running in the morning. The most harmful morning exercise can bring if evening alcohol is combined with poor sleep. Meaning productive sleep-rest. I’ve already covered the topic of alcohol and the misconceptions promoted about it. It cannot be combined with running, if we are talking about strengthening our health, and it is just as dangerous as smoking.

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