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На вопрос зачем люди бегают, каждый отвечает по-своему, но Asics уже давно провел крупное исследование на эту тему.

The question “why people run” has a different answer, but Asics has long ago (2009) conducted a major study that allows us to understand the purpose for which European athletes, numbering more than 80 million, are running.

A survey of athletes in 7 countries found that 54% of runners start training for fitness, that is, to keep fit. And 40% want to lose weight through running.

The mindset of established marathon runners changes: more than 70% of them start running for fun. And 34% say that running is the only healthy way for them to get rid of the accumulation of everyday stress and reboot.

Despite the fact that experienced marathon runners often train hard and dramatically change their lifestyle to improve their finish line results, they still cite the pleasure of running as the main reason for doing it. Only less than 30% purposefully break records, and then talk about “side” psycho-physiological phenomena.

Другие интересные результаты

  • It was found that Europeans on average want to lose weight by running by 6.1 kg. The Dutch want to lose weight the most – 9.5 kg.
  • Britons are most likely to run with their babies in strollers, worrying about their financial situation, credit and the crisis.
  • Spaniards scrutinize other runners during a marathon.
  • The French focus more on their breathing and rhythm.
  • The Belgians don’t think about anything at all.

The survey was conducted in European countries such as Great Britain, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. In a commentary on the study, Asics says that testing one’s physical and mental capabilities is the absolute driving force behind all runners in one way or another.

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