Why run a marathon? 7 reasons to do it

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Sooner or later, every amateur runner faces the question of participating in any running event.

Sooner or later the question of participating in a running event comes up for every amateur runner. But some people don’t quite understand why they should run a marathon.

People run marathons for seven major reasons:

1. Motivation

If running is not a way of life, but only a tool for weight loss or wellness, then participation in any running event motivates you to continue training better than anything else. Even better than changing your figure in the reflection of the mirror. Especially when the starting fee is already paid.

2. Competitive process

This is the priority of advanced amateur runners. It’s all the same as professional athletes: strict training plans, nutrition, SBU, VO2 calculation, raising the lactate threshold, the most expensive devices, and the fight for a personal record.

3. marathon as a training session

There are so many races of all kinds nowadays that many runners have begun to go to them, almost as a form of training, allowing them to meet like-minded people. Of course, you have to have the appropriate budget available.

4. Means of communication

This point is similar to the previous one. Half (or maybe most) of the people go to a marathon for the purpose of socializing and having fun in a healthy atmosphere.

5. Journey

A marathon is the best option for a tourist trip to other cities and countries. Especially when you consider that the largest of them are well organized and run through the historic centers of the capitals with the blocking of traffic. This allows you to see the sights from angles inaccessible to pedestrians.

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6. Collection reason

Not sure, but there may also be a reason, such as collecting personal medals, numbers, or t-shirts from all the running events.

7. The reason that unites all the others

This is probably the most common reason for participating in marathons, trails and triathlons. This item was added by you, the readers of RUNIRON, after the publication of the first version of the article, where there were only six reasons, and thank you very much for that.

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