What a runner should be afraid of

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Не все коту масленица. Есть вещи, потенциально опасные для любителей бега.

It’s not all in a day’s work. There are things that are potentially dangerous for recreational runners. Most of the things a runner should be wary of also apply to cyclists.

1. Травмы

You can’t do it without them. But if you approach training correctly and don’t force the workload by running a marathon two months after your first run, the risk of injury can be so minimized that running will be no more traumatic than chess.

2. Перетренированность

This is an equally common danger to the runner and occurs equally often in athletes of all levels. Depending on the degree of overtraining, you can drop out of your favorite sport for an extended period from a couple of months to a year or even longer.

3. Собаки

The problem is relevant to Russia and other vast havens of feral or initially uneducated four-legged dogs. The problem is solved by improvised means or purchased shooting and bouncing gadgets, as well as by reeducation of the owner of the dog himself, who is responsible for him.

В разных местах планеты собак могут временно заменять тигры, крокодилы, слоны, медведи, змеи и другие существа, в зависимости от местонахождения тренировочного лагеря.

4. Перегрев

The threat of overheating exists almost as much for northern latitudes as it does for Africa. Not just because layered clothing may not be removed in time when the sun appears. It’s because many near-polar runners are not well adapted to hot weather. Their bodies can’t readjust quickly to the instantaneous process of water absorption and excretion through perspiration.

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5. Гипотермия

The opposite of overheating. Hypothermia is often more difficult to recognize than overheating. The main rules are to avoid wet clothing near the body, protect yourself from the wind, and eat well.

6. Недосып.

Poor sleep and its short duration does not allow for some obligatory recovery processes in the body that directly affect the subsequent condition of muscles and other tissues. Lack of sleep quickly approaches the possibility of overtraining and depression.

7. Недоедание

Питание = энергия.

8. Переедание

Может вызвать дискомфорт в желудке, вздутие живота, повышенное газообразование, боли в боку при беге и ожирение, провоцирующее чрезмерную нагрузку на опорно-двигательный аппарат.

9. Ice.

It is fraught with falls and injuries. The way out is the same as for cyclists – spikes.

10. Высокая трава

The danger is the inability to see the true terrain, which may include tree roots, rocks and abandoned animal burrows. Such conditions are a fairly common cause of sprains and ankle sprains in trailrunners.

11. Большие градиенты

Steep angles of ascent and descent require a good and gradual adaptation of muscles, joints and ligaments, especially the Achilles. If you can easily run a marathon, it does not mean that you do not need a long training for sky running.

12. Молния.

Not that lightning hits us all the time when we leave the house, but the chance of getting fried is somewhat higher for runners. That’s why it’s important to know basic safety precautions when training in a thunderstorm.

13. Обезвоживание

This word is used in sports and fitness magazines all too often and, as a rule, incorrectly. Dehydration is extremely rare and it is quite difficult to approach this condition during a marathon, even if you try hard. Mostly encountered is trivial dehydration – a lack of water. This is also dangerous, especially when it happens systematically.

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14. Гипонатриемия

Критическое снижение уровня электролитов может быть вызвано гипергидратацией, когда бегун решает напиться чистой водой в таких количествах, при которых концентрация ионов натрия в плазме крови падает ниже 135 ммоль/л.

15. Усталость

Yes, the usual fatigue that appears after a long work or workout can provoke injuries, a deterioration of appetite. In the case of recurrent manifestation, it can contribute to a decrease in immunity, recovery rate and, ultimately, lead to overtraining.

16. Курильщики

There is nothing worse than running around town and accidentally catching full lungs of cigarette smoke released by a smoker. Between active smoking and passive smoking you can safely put an equal sign. It turns out that running past smokers is the same as running with a cigarette.

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