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In order to answer correctly, you must first understand who and why wants to start running and what is meant.

In order to answer correctly, you must first understand who wants to start running and why, and what is meant. The question may be of the following nature:

  • Psychological – how do I basically start running from scratch?
  • The laziness question – how to motivate yourself to run?
  • Technical – how to run correctly and safely?

And the question of how to start running in the morning to lose weight can be raised as a separate issue. For some unknown reason, many people have the stereotype that running is only possible in the morning and that it is most useful in the morning. Especially for weight loss. That’s not entirely true, and more often than not, it’s not true at all. But that’s not the point right now.

In most cases, these questions come up all together. But that’s okay, because one will pull up the other. That is, if you start solving one problem, another will automatically be solved. Actually, to be honest, there are no problems at all, it’s just the way you think about it now.

Regardless of your reasons for starting a workout, I don’t recommend immediately going outside and running for as long as you have the strength. Despite the fact that it is ideal. It helps to instantly overcome insecurities and doubts. But it can only be afforded by advanced runners who understand their bodies and what they are doing. They paradoxically do not need to look for a reason, motivation and other incomprehensible things.

Starting from zero

The only way to start running properly is to spend a couple of days before the very first training session and study all the nuances, starting from the basics, so as to have at least some idea of the safe level of exercise and what not to do. During this time you will have a clear feeling that you have started to prepare for jogging purposefully and there is nowhere to retreat.

At this point, you should know that by preparing a theoretical base, you are doing much more wisely than most beginning amateur runners.

It is necessary to get acquainted with the correct technique of running, which allows you to run without injuries. In the process of familiarizing yourself with it, at least on a superficial level, you will understand the biomechanics of running. On the basis of this you will be able to determine whether your shoes are suitable for training and whether it is time to go to a sports store to buy running shoes.

It doesn’t take much time to learn the important little things about running, but they will allow you to safely progress, lose weight, and increase endurance. If you skip this step, you end up like 80% of amateur runners. They start learning the basics of running already sitting at home with some typical injury. They have plenty of time to learn, but their progress slows down, and sports injuries rarely go away completely.

Therefore, I insist that you be among the 20% of athletes who are not at risk of injury in the first few days and know all possible mistakes before training and avoid them. At the end of this article, I will include a list of material that you should at least run through with your eyes.

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Learning the various minutiae of running is not limited to two days of theory, but will go on for a lifetime. Sports science does not stand still and your body is unique: not all patterns will fit. The process is very interesting and instantly exciting, and you will know things you haven’t even heard of before.

Should you run in the morning?

The issue of getting up early is quite simple: don’t get up early if you still have to go to work after your workout. Do your workouts in the evening. Given the maximum distances you have to cover at first, it will take you more time to warm up than to run.

You will then be able to run with pleasure at any time of the day due to an increase in happiness hormones, general endurance and physical activity levels. The brain and nervous system will also be optimized.

Laziness is sometimes directly related to motivation. Some runners say they don’t need any motivation. This, of course, is not entirely true, because any body movement requires motivation. It’s just not as pronounced or acts on a subconscious level. Even the pleasure derived from running is also a motivation. And it is quite powerful: it is often stronger than the desire to lose weight and look more attractive.

Running to lose weight, quit smoking, etc.

All this is just a kind of motivation, which has no effect on the first steps mentioned above, starting from studying the theory and ending with the first workout. Another thing is that after losing weight and looking better, few people stop running. Running becomes a way of life that includes amazing road trips to various marathons and trail runs around the world.

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