Conversational tempo as the basis for safe workload

Разговорный темп бега Training
Conversational running pace is a great way to prevent overloading without using gadgets and mathematical calculations.

Conversational pace, aka conversational pace, aka conversational pace, is a great way to prevent overtraining while running without the use of all kinds of sports gadgets or mathematical calculations.

Its elementary essence is that while running you are free to carry on a conversation (you can do it to yourself) in whole, short sentences, not in separate fragments of phrases, or, even worse, in scraps of words. When this becomes difficult, it is necessary to slow down the pace of running.

Such a practice will allow you to control the level of the load quite accurately and avoid exceeding your heart rate too much. At least, with such self-monitoring you will not go beyond the aerobic zone to the anaerobic zone. This is especially true if the purchase of an expensive heart rate monitor is not in your plans, or if you neglect devices on principle.

Why is it necessary?

First, aerobic training is the main line in developing endurance in preparation for long distances such as a marathon or half-marathon.

Second, to protect your cardiovascular system from excessive strain, which may exceed your physiological and physical capabilities based on your age, gender, health and weight.

It is quite correct to say that all these factors influence the rate at which you begin to overstretch. This will be indicated by confused speech and an inability to communicate in incomplete, single-syllable sentences.

The beauty of this “method” is the natural analysis of how you feel about running without the mediators in the form of fancy running computers and heart rate monitors.

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All in all, it’s a great tiphack. Use it in good health!

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