Is it possible to lose weight quickly with running?

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Для быстрого похудения необходимы физические нагрузки и снижение потребляемых калорий. Но почему бег не всегда является идеальным выбором в качестве спорта?

As we should all know, fast weight loss requires exercise and a reduction in caloric intake. But why is running not always the ideal choice as a sport?

The number of calories consumed should always be less than their expenditure – this is an axiom for thinners. Running training can easily cope with this task. After all, we have already covered the question of how many calories running burns.

In order to lose weight, it is enough to eat less and run more. It’s simple, but only in words.

Running and weight loss go hand in hand, but impatience can lead to injuries, and if you act correctly, the process of losing excess weight will not be very fast. The first time it will take you only for the adaptation of the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Nevertheless, these are necessary conditions to ensure that running for weight loss does not turn into a doctor’s run in the future. If you do not force events, in six months to a year you will have a prepared body and good technique in your arsenal. Running will become your powerful weapon for fighting “ballast”.

Is there anything more efficient than just running?

Of course. For example, triathlon. One of the most beautiful and harmonious sports. The value of a triathlon for weight loss athletes is that it includes swimming, which is extremely beneficial for the musculoskeletal system.

Легко ли марафонцу перейти в триатлон

Although some reports say that triathlon training burns fewer calories than marathon training, it all depends on the intensity. And the sport itself is great for developing the body and burning fat just as effectively.

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By and large, any physical activity can be used to achieve this goal. With the same intensity and sufficient duration, they will be as effective as any other sport. Why, then, would such a large percentage of people burdened with the problem of obesity consider running? Basically, we already tried to answer this question once in an article about the benefits of running.

As for the problem of weight loss, we can add that the greatest effect is achieved when any training takes place outdoors. And even if it seems to you that this does not apply to such a large metropolis as St. Petersburg or Moscow, you are wrong. And no one has cancelled trailrunning in the nearest park or on the outskirts of the city.

The beauty and advantages of running outdoors is that the environment, whether it be the city center or the wilderness, as well as the weather, make adjustments to the training. It is through them that you develop a quick adaptability to any environment, an increased response and immunity. The treadmill at the gym is better left to test new sneakers before you buy them.

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