Running to lose weight

Бег для похудения Training
Занятия бегом для начинающих с целью сжигания жира должны корректироваться для адаптации организма из-за лишнего веса.

Running classes for beginners in order to burn fat should be adjusted to better adapt the body because of the extra weight.

While any experienced runner can easily control their weight and, if necessary, immediately increase the intensity of their training, instantly burning thousands of calories, a beginner runner cannot afford this.

It’s all about the preparation of the body. In addition, there is a difference in the metabolic processes. And since we are talking about weight loss, you should be alert at once. After all, when it comes to excess weight, the shock load on the musculoskeletal system is seriously increased.

Therefore, having solid ballast in the form of fat, you cannot follow instructions designed for beginners with normal weight. Especially if there is no desire to subsequently study the section on running injuries and put off the question of weight loss for a long time.


The safest place to start a running workout for obese people weighing more than 100 pounds is walking. But regular walking will not help any fat burning, don’t indulge in illusions. To start losing weight, the intensity of physical activity must be really high. Therefore, you will have to walk a lot and at a good pace.

But that’s not the goal of walking. The main thing is to prepare the musculoskeletal system for running. The joints should be well supplied with oxygen and lubrication, and the ligaments and muscles should get used to long cycling and body stabilization. Maintaining posture and a correct, straight pelvis position is important at this stage, which will be difficult to correct later on.

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You can start doing daily walks of 1.5 to 2 kilometers, depending on your fullness and general fitness. It is possible that for someone to walk 500 meters is a whole workout.

An important point. It may seem like a revelation to some, but runners don’t just run. At a minimum, special running exercises (SBU) that strengthen the muscles of the cortex (torso) are included in the training of every track and field athlete. And for a lean body with weakened muscles, it’s even more relevant.


After a couple of weeks, you can gently replace walking with jogging at the lowest possible, conversational pace and lasting no more than three minutes. It is mandatory to learn proper running technique from the first training sessions and general principles of biomechanics. You don’t have to worry about breathing, it doesn’t play any role now.


This is the most important stage without which training is impossible.Even if you see advanced athletes running every day, it’s only because they are able to recover fully overnight.

In the case of running for weight loss, it is optimal to start running every other day, but spend the weekend not on the couch, but on a bike or in the pool. This is the safest way to prepare the musculoskeletal system, which will have no problem recovering and strengthening, while being well supplied with blood and nutrients.

Когда я начну худеть ?

You will start losing weight immediately after you create a caloric deficit. Without this, no amount of training will help. But not everyone can wait a few years for a perfect figure.

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The rate of weight loss, of course, directly depends on the intensity of exercise. The more calories spent on a run and the less reimbursed with food, the more effective will be fat burning and weight loss. There is no magic here and never has been.

Но не забывайте, что любительский бег – это в первую очередь удовольствие и здоровье, а уже потом все остальное. Поэтому резкое сокращение калорийности и необходимых питательных веществ никак не будет способствовать хорошему настроению и правильному функционированию организма.

In such cases, bordering on loss of strength, no training brings joy. Lack of basic nutrition is the most common reason for stopping running or any other sport when the main goal was to lose weight. Dietary restrictions should not be so serious as to affect your physical and psychological well-being.

The best option is not to rush into weight loss, but to continue training, increasing your endurance and body adaptation to running, enjoying the movement and progress. In this way, you will safely come to the point where the desired slim figure becomes just a “side effect”. And the need to lose weight will disappear by itself, being replaced by the opposite problem – how to get enough calories to be enough for a workout.

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