To run longer, enjoy the view

Концентрация на дыхании при беге Training
Sports magazines and running coaches say that you need to concentrate on breathing and even control it. Forget about it.

Sports magazines and running coaches tell you to concentrate on your breathing and even control it. Forget that. It’s better for you to relax completely and shift your focus to your surroundings.

Breathing is a so-called automated process, and controlling it during cyclic exercise itself looks completely absurd. But even if you don’t think so, it’s likely that German researchers from the Münster Institute for Sports Science will help you adopt this view.

Comparing marathon runners have different focuses of attention, the main ones being focus:

  • The breathing process,
  • The physical sensations,
  • The external environment,

scientists have come to the unequivocal conclusion that the absence of thinking in automated processes has a markedly positive effect. The greatest productivity of running in all cases is achieved when attention is directed outward rather than inward. Simply put, when runners simply enjoy the views.

In general, there is no need to monitor and, all the more so, to correct something that does not need it and is run on autopilot. This not only reduces the productivity and economy of running, but also deprives much of the accompanying pleasure of contemplation and the feeling of complete freedom.

Enjoy nature and let it do its best for your health!

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