Top 5 heart rate monitors

A heart rate monitor is a very important device not only for professional athletes, but also for anyone who cares about their health and fitness. Morning jogging, fitness classes or cycling are more productive and safer if the heart rate monitor can warn you about your heart rate being too high. Our rating includes the best devices with which you will always feel safe.

Category: Venue Name is Assessment The price is
The best heart rate monitor for running and walking Rank 1 Sanitas SPM 25 9.9 / 10. 3400.
Best heart rate monitor for running and walking 2nd rating Beurer PM18 4 000.
The best heart rate monitor for running and walking 3rd place in the ranking FUNCTION M2 6 900.
The best heart rate monitor for fitness 1st rating F T4. 9,8 / 10. 7 000.
The best heart rate monitor for fitness 2nd rating Sigma Sport PC 4 000.

The best heart rate monitor for running and walking

The Sanitas SPM 25 3400 Sanitas SPM25 is also popular with professional athletes. In addition to measuring the exact heart rate, its average and maximum values, the device allows you to adjust the time and intensity of training and learn the number of calories burned. In addition, the heart rate monitor has a calendar, clock, stopwatch and alarm clock. Main advantages:Setting gender, age and other parameters of the owner.Convincing design.Multifunction.Training control.Disadvantages:Not detected. 5 лучших пульсометров0 9.9 / 10 Оценка
Отзывы: Очень красивый и многофункциональный пульсометр, один из лучших. В нем есть все, что нужно профессиональному спортсмену знать больше
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Beurer PM18


  • A wide range of functions.
  • Water resistance up to 50 meters.
  • No chest strap required.
  • High accuracy.

4,000 This German gadget is great for jogging or walking. The heart rate monitor is located on your left arm. To determine your heart rate, simply touch the sensor with your finger. In addition to heart rate, the device measures the distance traveled and number of steps, calories burned and the amount of fat burned. There is also a calendar, stopwatch and alarm clock. Waterproof, can be used in the rain and when swimming. Main advantages:

  • The need to stop exercising to get your heart rate up.
5 лучших пульсометров1 9,8 / 10 Оценка
Отзывы: Пользуюсь пульсометром уже пару месяцев. Большой циферблат, множество настроек, точные измерения. Я очень доволен! знать больше



  • Individual workout program.
  • Water-resistant
  • Multifunction
  • Autonomous battery guarantees approximately one year of trouble-free operation.

6 900 This is not only a heart rate monitor, but also an electronic personal trainer. It can create a workout program for people of any fitness level and physical abilities. If you connect the gadget to your computer and register with the MovesCount social network, you can update the device’s statistics. The device shows heart rate and calories burned, has a calendar, clock, alarm clock and exercise diary. Water resistance allows you to submerge the heart rate monitor in water to a depth of 30 meters. Key benefits:

  • No screen backlight.
5 лучших пульсометров2 9,7 / 10 Оценка
Отзывы: Купил эту простую, обычную модель, без пафоса, чисто для измерения пульса, остальными функциями не пользуюсь. Цифры хорошо видны, но если бегать вечером, подсветка все равно понадобится. Он начал тренироваться полностью, сейчас процесс под контролем знать больше
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The best heart rate monitor for fitness

Polar FT4.


  • Reliable
  • Protected from interference
  • Audible alarm
  • Consider the age of the wearer when calculating loads

7,000 The Finnish Polar FT4 is a simple and functional device. The wireless heart rate monitor shows your heart rate and calories burned, as well as the calendar and clock. The readings are stored in memory. Based on these readings, the heart rate monitor generates load limits. Changes in measurements can be displayed on the screen in the form of a graph. The gadget has a sound signal for overload and backlight of the screen. Waterproof case allows you to use it even under water. Main advantages:

  • Small set of functions
5 лучших пульсометров 3 9,8 / 10 Оценка
Отзывы: Понятия не имею, как я тренировался без этого пульсометра. Будет полезно тем, кто занимается разными видами деятельности, например, совмещением фитнеса и бассейна знать больше

Сигма Спорт ПК 15.11


  • A wide range of functions.
  • Defines individual training zones.
  • High measurement accuracy.

4,000 Simple and handy device shows not only the current heart rate, but also its average and maximum value over any period of time, and calculates the heart rate percentage at the maximum value. You can set the heart rate interval manually. The gadget has a calorie counter, tachometer, stopwatch, calendar, and clock. It also measures workout time and time spent on each exercise. Key benefits:

  • The backlight time is too short.
  • The rubber strap is not too comfortable.
5 лучших пульсометров 4 9,8 / 10 Оценка
Отзывы: Хороший пульсометр: элегантно смотрится, удобно лежит в руке, грудной датчик не выступает при ношении благодаря компактности и не ощущается на теле, не скользит и лично меня не раздражает знать больше
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