8 best bikes

8 лучших велосипедов Gear

Today’s bicycles offer a great variety. Some models are designed for urban use. Others allow you to overcome rough terrain. Others will help make a child a great cyclist. This rating includes only the best models. Buying one of them will give a lot of positive emotions.

Categories Location Name Evaluated by Price
The best Folding Bikes 1. VTELS 450 pilot (2014). 9,8 / 10. 23 000.
2. THE NEXT Valencia 1.0 (2015) 9.2 / 10. 23 000.
Best Women’s Bicycles 1. Merida Juliette 40-V (2014) 9,8 / 10. 23 000.
2. STELS Miss 6000 V 26 (2015) 9,4 / 10. 14 200.
Best bikes for teens 1. Stels Joy 16 (2015) 9,8 / 10. 5760.
2. With TELC Pilot 170 18 (2014). 9,7 / 10. 6990.
Best sports motorcycles 1. Stels 610 MD 26 Navigator (2015) 9,7 / 10. 17 500.
2. Merida Mattes 40-MD (2014) 9,7 / 10. 28 900.

Best Folding Bicycles

STELS Pilot 450 (2014) 23,000 The creators have given it six speeds. In addition, both wheels have rim brakes. The buyer will also get other accessories: a luggage rack, quality fenders and rear-view mirrors. The main advantages:Beautiful appearanceThe presence of V-brakesThe presence of fenders, trunk and mirrorsThe presence of a speed changerDisadvantages:Lack of shock absorptionDecent weight 8 лучших мотоциклов0 9,8 / 10 Оценка

Это прогулочный велосипед. Он имеет механизм складывания, который помогает хранить автомобиль даже в небольшом пространстве. При этом велосипед нельзя назвать очень упрощенным.

ФОРВАРД Валенсия 1.0 (2015)


  • Lightweight
  • Low price
  • Sturdy frame
  • Wings and trunk

23,000 Very simple bike, designed for urban use. The folding mechanism allows you not to think about where to store this vehicle. It also helps you carry the bike easily in any car. The simplified design did not allow the creators to place a speed shifter or full brake on the bike. There is no shock-absorbing fork here either. Therefore, it is not recommended to use FORWARD Valencia 1.0 on dirt roads. The main advantage of the bike is its price. The main advantages:

  • No cushioning
  • No disc or rim brake
  • No gear shifter
8 лучших мотоциклов1 9.2 / 10 Оценка

The best women’s bikes

Merida Juliet 40-V 20-V (2014)


  • Comfortable saddle
  • Shock-absorbing fork
  • Light
  • Not the highest price

23,000 Bicycles for girls should have a low frame. And that’s what the Merida Juliet 40-V got. At the same time, the quality of this vehicle is not inferior to other mountain bikes. In particular, it weighs only 13 kg – you can feel it even on the road. In addition, the unit got at its disposal a spring-elastomeric fork with a stroke of 100 mm. 26-inch wheels are primarily designed for riding on asphalt, but they are not afraid of dirt roads. Stopping is carried out by pad brakes. Main advantages:

  • V-brakes
  • Simple shifters
8 лучших мотоциклов2 9,8 / 10 Оценка

STELS Miss 6000 V 26 (2015 год)


  • Attractive appearance
  • Wings included
  • Lightweight
  • Cushioning fork
  • Low price

14,200 This bike was made in Russia. It has a low frame and a comfortable seat. First of all, this model was created for riding in the city. But practice shows that it is good to ride even on country roads. The 26-inch wheels are equipped with a double disc of aluminum alloy. They are able to overcome almost all obstacles. A spring-elastomer fork provides a comfortable ride on the ground. Unfortunately, it is impossible to lock its advancement, but no other bike in this price range has this feature. The desire to save money did not allow the creators to put disc brakes on the wheels. Instead, standard vi-break brake discs are used for deceleration. 18 speeds make it easy to climb and descend the slope. Shimano products are used here as accessories. Key benefits:

  • V-brakes
  • Gear shift levers with rotary knob
8 лучших мотоциклов3 9,4 / 10 Оценка

Best teenage bikes

STELS Джой 16 (2015)


  • Supported wheels
  • Easy to use
  • Wings and trunk
  • Robust construction
  • Low price
  • Attractive appearance

5760 This relatively simple bicycle is ideal for a small child. The support wheels will allow you not to be afraid that your favorite baby will fall and get scratches or more serious damage. Later, when the child learns to keep his balance, the damaged accessory can be removed. There are no accessories on the bike. In this regard, braking is carried out by turning the pedals in the opposite direction. It is not difficult to guess that the machine has only one speed. A basket is attached to the steering wheel, allowing you to carry small items in it. Baby must love the bright look of the bike. Not only the frame is painted here, but also the fenders, the trunk and even the saddle. The car is primarily designed for girls. Spring-loaded saddle will allow the child to overcome potholes on the asphalt without hurting himself. Main advantages:

  • Footbrake
8 лучших мотоциклов4 9,8 / 10 Оценка

STELS Pilot 170 18 (2014)


  • Опорные колеса
  • Привлекательный внешний вид
  • Прочная конструкция
  • Низкая цена

6990 And here is the boys’ model. The creators tried to paint absolutely all the details of the motorcycle, even the rims and pedals. This model is designed for children from 4 years old. There is a bell on the handlebars, which teaches the child to warn random passers-by. The removable support wheels help you steer the car without trying to keep your balance. There are no attachments. Because of this, the bike has only one speed and a foot brake. The car is complete with mudguards to protect the child from dirt and splashes. The buyer will not only get a suitcase on which the child can carry little things. Key benefits:

  • No trunk
  • Footbrake
8 лучших мотоциклов5 9,7 / 10 Оценка

The best sports bikes

STELS Navigator 610 MD 26 (2015 г.)


  • Disc brakes
  • Low price
  • Attractive appearance
  • Wings and running boards
  • Low weight

17,500 If you plan to spend a lot of time on your bike, buy the STELS Navigator 610 MD 26. This vehicle is equipped with many accessories. In particular, this mountain bike offers 21 speeds. This helps to distribute power properly to tackle descents, flat sections, and climbs. The bike also got Power disc brakes that help you stop almost instantly. The SR Suntour XCT-26 suspension fork is made with spring-loaded elastomer technology. Its travel is 80 mm. This saves the rider’s hands when overcoming potholes and other bumps. The car also has 26-inch wheels, which consist of a double aluminum rim. They are difficult to even leave the “eight” for long periods of time. Included with the bike, the buyer gets plastic fenders and running boards. Main advantages:

  • Entry level investment
8 лучших мотоциклов6 9,7 / 10 Оценка

Merida Matts 40-MD (2014)

28 900 Создатели этого байка постарались использовать качественные материалы и хорошие аксессуары. В связи с этим у покупателя появляется возможность ездить не только по городу, но и по проселочным дорогам. 27-скоростная система, разработанная Shimano, помогает грамотно распределять ваши силы на спусках и подъемах. Также в автомобиле установлены дисковые тормоза (механические). Они позволяют практически мгновенно остановиться, даже если велосипедист движется по крутому склону. Подвесная вилка с ходом 100 мм здесь не лишняя. Специальный переключатель позволяет регулировать скорость пружины или полностью заблокировать ход. Последний шаг пригодится во время городской поездки по гладкому асфальту, когда все силы придется отдать педалированию. 26-дюймовые колеса имеют двойные обода. Возможно, Merida Matts 40-MD – лучшее соотношение цены и качества, если вы хотите купить конкретный велосипед для загородных поездок. Основные преимущества:

8 лучших мотоциклов7 9,7 / 10 Оценка

  • Lightweight
  • Decent suspension fork
  • Disc brakes
  • Many speeds
  • Attractive appearance


  • Entry level investment
  • Rather high price
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