Most serious mistakes in running

Самые серьезные ошибки в беге Training
Приступая к тренировкам для подготовки к марафону или просто занимаясь бегом для здоровья и похудения, не совершайте этих серьезных ошибок.

When you begin training for a marathon or just running for health and weight loss, do not make these serious and most popular mistakes.

1. Following the training plan too persistently.

It doesn’t matter what goal in running the training plan has. It is by no means an absolute prescription and is always amenable to adjustment.

Factors such as illness, weather conditions, signs of injury or overexertion, and stress from daily activities are sure to be considered.

2. Too short a time to prepare for the competition.

This is a serious problem for beginners. As soon as a person gets into running and realizes that he enjoys it, he immediately wants to join a marathon.

The same time, a titanic training plan is drawn up, according to which a person who only yesterday put on running shoes for the first time, is going to overcome a distance of 42 km in a month. If this is realized, then in the future in this kind of competitions, the desire to participate is likely to fall away. In the vast majority of cases, such events end with injuries long before the marathon itself.

The minimum period of preparation for a marathon for beginners is 6 months. The first competitions should start with minimum distances, such as 10 km, but no more than the distance of a half marathon – 22 km. This is necessary in order to get used to group races and learn to control yourself independently from the pace of the main mass of runners.

3. excessive fascination with gadgets.

Apps for mobile devices are not always beneficial. Blindly following popular recommendations about how you should run properly, what your heart rate, pace and distance should be, often the main indicator – your own well-being – goes by the wayside.

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Some phone apps have a run cheer feature. This is when an enthusiastic female/male voice “adds heat. It tells you in different intonations how good you are, that you’re going to do great, press on, come on, come on, and so on.

Again, this is worse for beginners than listening to too energetic music. It prevents you from concentrating on how you feel, on keeping a low tempo, and on proper running technique.

It is very important to know that “instrument readings” are a secondary tool to help correct the training process.

The only exception is the heart rate monitor, an important overload alarm when a novice runner is not able to estimate when the heart rate limit has been reached due to lack of experience.

4. lack of a warm-up before running and a warm-up after training.

5. Short recovery periods.

The body simply needs time to recover from exercise. Often you will be much more productive if you train every other day than if you train every day, but not in time to get back to normal. Overtraining is a direct route to injury for the runner.

In addition, quality sleep is most important. It doesn’t matter if you started running yesterday to lose weight or if you are a marathon runner. Sleep and recovery time are equally important in both cases. Another thing is that over time your body will learn to recover faster and faster.

But we shouldn’t forget that age also makes adjustments. Children recover instantly, while adults need more time.

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