Safe Return to Training After a Marathon

Возвращение к тренировкам после марафона Training
So, you have successfully run a marathon and now it's time for the most important period in sports - recovery.

So, you have successfully run a marathon or any other distance. And now it’s time for the most important period in sports – recovery.

This applies equally to everyone: both those who ran for results and those who just had fun running at a walking pace, admiring the city center or nature. The process of returning to training is more relevant, however, for those who have put in a run for a personal or ranking record.

A generally accepted rule of thumb that you should remember is that you should take 1 day off for every 10 km of the race. Accordingly, a marathon, based on its distance of 42 km, requires at least four to five days to recover fully.

However, turning yourself into a couch vegetable for a week is not exactly what we are talking about. You can be a vegetable for the first two days, focusing only on a light but nutritious diet and massage.

At the end of this wonderful time, it is optimal to connect different forms of activity. It is necessary to increase the flow of blood with oxygen and nutrients to the muscles, but limit the stress on the damaged fibers.

Swimming and cycling are key to recovering and getting back into training as quickly as possible after a marathon.

If there are no consequences of the competition in the form of pain or lethargy, indicating overexertion, you can slowly start running training.

You have to leave all kinds of intervals or fartleks alone and do only basic, i.e., light, aerobic running. The kind of running with which you started your first workouts.

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Moreover, you should build up your mileage by 10-15% per week. In general, a safe return to training after a marathon should be very similar to when you first started running. If, of course, you started running correctly.

The majority of experts working with pros agree that this phase should last about 6 weeks. And at the end of it, you can connect anaerobic strength and speed training. Although, of course, most amateurs are on their way to the next marathon even after a couple of weeks.

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