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Of course, you can start running at any time of the year, but spring or, at least, the beginning of summer are the most positive days for this.

Of course, you can start running at any time of the year, but spring or, at the very least, the beginning of summer are the most positive days for running. Nature is waking up and blooming, the sun is appearing, people are shedding their warm clothes and finally starting to smile more.

All this is the best way to fulfill your long-held dream of a radical lifestyle change and replacing bad habits with healthy ones.

However, if you start running now (in spring) with the goal of looking great in the summer in a swimsuit, but there is a decent accumulation of extra “ballast,” then I hasten to disappoint you.

In order to lose a lot of weight without hurting yourself, you should have started running in the fall, or even a year ago. But the correction of your figure is quite possible.

But here’s the good news. Once you get into running, or better yet, triathlons, you won’t care what you look like at the moment.

After all, you will constantly notice continuous changes in all aspects of life only for the better.

In any case, you will have a lot of fans (admirers). And, if it is so important for you, the admiration (and, to some extent, envy) from observers is guaranteed. So run for yourself, and a perfect figure and health will come on their own.

For those who feel lonely even in a huge metropolis, it’s also time to wear running shoes. After all, in the summer there are many marathons, after participating in which, your imaginary loneliness will disappear.

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The races are for different distances, usually starting at 10 km, which you can easily run in a couple of months after you start training.

In 99% of cases, after the first marathon (or other distance) you will begin to research when and where the next one will be held.

Of course, marathons are held in winter and in absolutely incredible extreme conditions. You will definitely be interested in them later, too.

But we are only talking about the beginning of a change in your lifestyle and the first step into a magnificent world, where even gray, overcast days will no longer seem so to you.

In general, it is a natural enjoyment of life, which was just lost and obscured by work, the bustle of the cities, illusory ideas about recreation, lack of connection with nature and, of course, bad habits, where else…

So if you still haven’t decided when it’s best to start running, now is the time. Wake up with spring, discard all prejudices and excuses, and put on your running shoes.

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