Where to start running. The right approach

Бег. С чего начать Training
Obviously, you have already decided to start running, so you ended up here. So, where to start?

Contrary to all kinds of articles with some numbers, incomprehensible instructions and other nonsense of no value to the person who decided to wear running shoes for the first time, it is better to start running from rest.

Yes, yes, this is the classic beginning of any training session in any sport. But if athletes are resting and recovering from past competitions, then you need to rest and recover from your old lifestyle. Which probably wasn’t filled with the healthiest of things.

Training plan and training

A couple of days of rest will be quite enough. During this time, you should sketch out a rough training plan for running. It is not subject to compulsory execution at this stage, just the process of its drawing up will allow you to reconfigure the work of the brain. After all, new neural connections will begin to be created in it, due to the forthcoming physical exertion.

In addition, you should prepare your body a little for running by doing a couple of sets of joint mobility exercises, stretching exercises (after warming up) and, if possible, including self-massage of the leg and back muscles during these two days. In general, the main goal is to supply the muscles, ligaments and tissues in the joint area with a flow of blood and oxygen, followed by relaxation.

Sleep is a basic constant in the formula for rest and health. When you don’t get enough sleep, the risk of running injuries is much higher. The brain and the entire body work in a forced mode, which severely affects the psyche and mood. For these two days you must completely disconnect from external problems (they no longer exist) and sleep like a baby. If you have to go to some work in the morning, go to bed earlier, take a warm shower and drink tea.

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Nutrition is the fuel for the runner. If you are planning to start running to lose weight the day after tomorrow, and are now sitting on a strict pseudoscientific diet, then give it up immediately. Most women and some men ruin themselves with a variety of malnutrition, resulting in a loss of strength and mood. What’s the point of running? You need carbohydrates and other important nutrients for a full and joyful workout.

Of course, to lose weight you need to create a caloric deficit, but by completely depriving yourself of fuel for the body to work properly, you make it worse. Later, once you get into running, you will be able to accurately calculate your balance of nutrition and energy expenditure depending on the load.


Go to a sports store and buy a good heart rate monitor. Most beginner runners are not able to figure out what heart rate zone they are running in and, more often than not, go outside the optimal range. If buying this device is not in your plans yet, just run at the lowest possible pace at which you can talk in whole sentences without losing your breath too much.

If your first run is in the winter, you should not follow the recommendation to dress too lightly. It is aimed at more advanced runners who can maintain a high pace for a long time. If you get too cold and uncomfortable, it will make you run faster. And that’s absolutely no use right now. So, it’s better to sweat more.

Running technique.

Learn the basics of proper running technique. It is better to improve it from the first days of training. Especially if you did not go broke on good running shoes. It should be noted that it is very undesirable to run in heavy trekking shoes. It is better to wear ordinary sneakers with a thin and flexible sole. By the way, sneakers are more conducive to learning the basics of proper running than any other shoes. However, for beginners it is fraught with injuries.

Before the start

Eat a full breakfast an hour and a half to two hours before a run. Usually people start running in the morning for some reason, ignoring the rest of the day, which is just as good for running, but they have no time to wait for digestion due to the unaccustomedness of rising too early (everyone goes to bed late, too).

You can also run on an empty stomach, but we do not recommend that you do it all the time. Eat something light and small with sweet tea. This is so that while you are brushing your teeth, the food is partially digested. At this stage, the importance of breakfast is not very important, because we are still talking about the minimum distances of running at an easy pace.

You can do the pre-run warm-up at home as well, as long as you go out on the route immediately afterwards and don’t lie down to watch TV. In the warm-up include rotational movements of joints (especially knees, hips and ankles), squats, running on the spot barefoot and light dynamic stretching. You can find a lot of warm-up variations on YouTube. Here’s one, for example.

Обратите внимание, что спина и все мышцы кора (торса) тоже испытывают постоянное напряжение и отвечают за правильную осанку во время бега, поэтому им тоже необходимо уделять внимание не меньше, чем ногам.

Don’t take phones, water bottles, and other things on your first run. You don’t need them now. It is more important to keep your hands free and your hands and forearms relaxed. You need to concentrate on the process of running and on your body’s reactions.


If there is a stadium with a treadmill in front of the house, run on it. It’s made of a thick elastic material and will reduce impact stress on your joints. When you start to run more correctly, then you can go to conquer the city asphalt.

You can breathe while running any way you want, leave it to your own body now. But if we are talking about freezing weather, then protect your airways. For example, a scarf.

Don’t stop after the main part of the run right away, but keep going, slowly lowering your pace and gently switching to a step until your heart rate returns to the normal, calm zone. After running, don’t forget to do stretching exercises. At least those muscles that have been actively working.


Immediately before the run itself you should not drink a lot of water, it is enough to take a couple of sips (if you did not drink tea before that, of course). If before the run you were very thirsty and you drank half a liter of liquid, then you should wait for some time. Wait at least 15-20 minutes, or even more, so that you do not feel discomfort. Be guided by your thirst and do not pour liters of liquid into yourself. Do not listen if you are told that you need to drink a lot of water, it is not true.

That’s all there is to it. It’s just up to you. Who knows, maybe in a year we will meet you at one of the amateur marathons held all year round in all countries of the world and together we will run through the most beautiful places of our planet.

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