Why is running good for you?

Чем хорош бег? Blog
Чем же так хорош бег и почему столько людей выбирают этот вид спорта?

What is so good about running and why do so many people choose it, even though most people are apathetic when they remember running in high school?

Everything should be clear with physical education at school: running is a compulsory part of the program. If you force a person to do something, then this approach always causes us negative reactions. Regardless of whether it is useful or not.

While outside of gym class, we were running almost around the clock without even thinking about it.

Как правильно бегать, чтобы похудеть

At school, almost no one had a problem with obesity. But for today’s kids and their “loving” parents this problem is more than relevant.

But having grown up a little bit, having accumulated fat and having half-destroyed our organism by alcohol and cigarettes, we start looking for a sport, which if not heal us, at least make us a little slimmer, more vigorous and healthier. Or at least it will allow us to climb stairs without shortness of breath.

And then we think of running, because it requires absolutely nothing but sneakers. Or the bicycle, because everyone has one.

But probably everyone understands that most fans will not get any cycling, and it will be called a bicycle ride. Even with a long distance, which is undoubtedly also useful, but will not solve the problem. In addition, the bike itself may have some technical disadvantages, especially for the fairer sex of mankind.

Automatically, the choice falls on jogging. But now it is a conscious choice, and perhaps it should even lead to some kind of goal. Besides, there are a huge number of people in the world who run, whose stories and love of running are very inspiring.

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Рацион элитных атлетов-вегетарианцев

Пробежав осознанно свой первый километр возможно и меньше), мы стараемся почувствовать вкус бега. Удовольствие от первых пробежек приходит лишь после их завершения, вместе с удовлетворением от того, что мы все-таки это сделали.

When the process itself begins to bring pleasure, and this happens after 10 to 20 runs, a new, healthy habit begins to form, the body is cleared and constantly in tone.

As you refine your running technique, understand your biomechanics, and develop your endurance, the ease of movement that was inaccessible in the early stages emerges. Running for the sake of running” begins. It is impossible not to mention the so-called euphoria of the runner.

Как бег снимает стресс, лечит депрессию и добавляет счастья

Running is useful not only for its health-improving effect and strengthening the body. It is also a powerful emotional release. Runners have long known that after a workout all problems are solved much easier, and many of them disappear altogether.

But perhaps the most important thing that running can give us is the feeling of freedom. And with the gradual increase in distance, this feeling also increases.

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