Fitness bracelets for jogging: fashionable toys

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Fitness bracelets are sometimes mistakenly called trackers, but this is incorrect, since most of them do not write any tracks.

Are you choosing which fitness bracelet to buy? If you have extra money, buying this gadget is a very good idea because it can give you extra motivation to start or continue your workouts.

Unfortunately, all the benefits of fitness bracelets end there. Even the fashion for the device is long gone, not to mention the fact that you will not get any valuable information from it. It may be interesting, of course, but not valuable. At least not to the runner.

Fitness bracelets are sometimes mistakenly called trackers, but this is incorrect. After all, most of them do not write any tracks. For this purpose, you buy a sports GPS watch (running computers) or as an alternative, use an application on your smartphone.

Heart rate monitor

The only (and main) function that could be useful is an optical heart rate monitor. But a recent study of bracelets published in Jamanetwork showed that fitness bracelets show heart rate (heart rate) more or less adequately only at rest. This includes the expensive Apple, and the popular Xiaomi Band with all the rest of the Chinese.

At the same time, the effectiveness of chest sensors has long been confirmed. New sports watches from giants like Suunto or Garmin also have optical sensors in their current models. But in addition to being slightly more accurate than bracelets (especially the cheap ones), they still offer the option of using a chest sensor, in case the optical one glitches.

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Glitches in optical heart rate sensors can occur frequently. The main obstacles to accurate heart rate measurement are usually the incorrect position of the device on the hand (strong displacement towards the wrist) and residual sweat drops on the sensor. Therefore, the best option for accurate measurement is still the chest strap. If accuracy is not important, then the need for the device is questionable. In general, we have already written about heart rate training.

Why do we need a fitness bracelet?

The very terminology of the gadget implies that bracelets are bought with an eye to fashionable fitness and HLS. These concepts represent not so much sports or exercise for the sake of health as following new trends.

As practice shows, these toys become boring rather quickly and then lie idle or continue to be used out of habit. This is even worse, because another kind of addiction develops. The natural feeling of complete freedom is pushed further and further away. The usefulness of all the various functions stuffed into the gadget at a closer look turns out to be imaginary.

For Running

Pedometer, sms-alert, smart alarm clock and other nonsense have nothing to do with running and do not help in training. And since there is no help, it will just get in the way. There is enough useless information for the brain in this age.

Of course, advanced runners and all other athletes do not use any fitness bracelets, let alone the professional elite. Moreover, even the use of sports watches has been ignored by many in their classic workouts.

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The best option for beginner runners is still to run at their own pace with a minimal, conversational pace. At the same time, maximum attention is paid to developing endurance and practicing proper technique. Very often you can see how gadgets interfere with this, constantly taking away all attention and concentration. If you really want interactivity, then install Strava on your smartphone, but don’t run with your phone in your hands.

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