Эйфория бегунаTraining
The euphoria of the runner
Runner's high is a fairly well-known expression, but only runners and, slightly less often, cyclists know what it means.
Как стать бегуном-ультрамарафонцемTraining
How to become an ultramarathon runner
If you think that ultramarathons are just longer distances, overcoming which is only a matter of time, then you are mistaken.
Беговое колесо в технике бегаTraining
Running Wheel in Running Techniques
An imaginary running wheel should not stop its rotation for a second, like its material counterpart.
Ошибки в любительской технике бегаTraining
8 major mistakes in running technique
These mistakes are made even by those who have been running for a long time and are not going to stop.
Бег каждый деньTraining
How many times a week should I run
I had to write a separate article, because this is the first thing all novice runners ask.
Трейлраннинг для начинающихTraining
Trail running: why we need off-roading
Approximately 30% of classic urban marathon runners started their sports career with trail running.
Меняйте маршрут бега чащеTraining
Change the running route more often
Constantly changing the route of running workouts is a good way not only to get rid of routine, but also to reduce the risk of injury.
5 советов тем, кто бегает по утрамTraining
5 tips for people who run in the morning
Training in the morning is healthy and productive, if you take into account the important rules about food, water, sleep, warm-up and alcohol.
Как бегать начинающим безопасноTraining
How do I start running for a beginner?
We have compiled a checklist consisting of 10 items, checking with which you will maximally secure your running from scratch, protect yourself from injury and overwork.